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Motorcycle Output

Motorcycle Output Charts

Motorcycle Output Charts
Honda KTM Husqvarna Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki

Listed are the manufacturers of bikes that we provide information on. Click through and find out details on your bike’s charging system.

Learn more about our AC DC Converter

The AC DC Converter from Baja Designs allows you to easily run LED lighting off your dirt bike’s stock electrical system. For years, running high-performance auxiliary lights required a stator rewind, aftermarket stator, new regulator/rectifier and wiring harness which increases the cost and complexity of adding performance lighting to any dirt bike.

This module is not sold as a stand-alone unit. It is only sold as a kit, paired with a Baja Designs headlight of your choice. It installs between the stock wiring harness and a Baja Designs auxiliary light, providing immediate performance gains. Regardless of your motor’s RPM level, the output of your Baja Designs light will stay consistent and will be way brighter than the stock light you started with.

Compatible Products: S2 Pro Series, Squadron Sport, Squadron Pro, XL Sport, XL Sport, XL Pro.

Please reference our stator output charts to verify that your bike has adequate AC current to be converted by the module. Simply check the amount of wattage required by the light that you would like to install, then verify that your bike’s AC current is twice that of the wattage consumed by the light. If so, your bike is eligible for the converter.